Music is the exploration of Emotion.
There is nothing more effective in seducing an emotion than Music. One chord determines the mood, timbre suggests when and where, and one melody makes a memory, so far gone, emerge into your very eye. That’s the power of music, it lights up all the neurons in your brain, and recontextualizes the moment.
By composing and arranging, I hang my ugly sentiments and naked past up for exhibition.


Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Mixing, Animation by Chun To Yeung.
Selected to be performed for Musical Trio’s Composer/Lyricist Project:《空白頁 Blank Page
Original Performance by Melo Man, Sing Ip, Michael Mok, Eric Luk, Chloe Wong, Hei Na Leung, Karen Ka

1936 年,他的妻子在離婚協議書中提出獨佔所有畫作的合法擁有權,令畢加索失去創作動力,決意放蕩餘生。整整一年內,這位一生共創作 150,000 件作品的藝術家再沒拿起畫筆。
1937年,格爾尼卡大爆炸事件不足一個月後,畢加索畫下《格爾尼卡》。扭曲的面型和被肢解的屍體以黑白兩色呈現於一副長達 7.77 米的畫布上,令人不寒而栗。此作被譽為二十世紀最具影響力的戰畫。
《畢加索的「格爾尼卡」》改編自 Hugh Eakin 的《Picasso’s War》,以多角度描寫畢加索的改變。讓我們一同經歷畢加索的恐懼與憤怒,反思仇恨如何喚醒生而為人的存在責任和創作精神。


Music, Lyrics, Arrangement, Mixing by Chun To Yeung.
Performed by Richie Yeung.
Written for a Spotify Radio Drama: 《一路順風 Last Ride, Fresh Eyes》
In the story, as the protagonist Sharon traverses through her day meeting multiple devastating news, one of which is packing up her items from her recent breakup, she begins to reassess her “values” and also her “value”.

Radio Drama:

Mini Airport

Music, Arrangement and Orchestration by Chun To Yeung.
Written as a in-game soundtrack for the Mobile Game: Mini Airport.
The music is separated into two main sections. Section A is the starting music, to get the player invested. Section B is where the music gets more intense, it mixes genres and music from different countries, to symbolize the airplanes coming from different places.

Mobile Game:

So damn blessed

Music, Lyrics and Arrangement by Chun To Yeung.
Written as the Main Theme for the A Cappella-Physical Theatre show: 32 Seconds of Ecstasy.
‘So Damn Blessed’ is when the entire ensemble realizes that happiness is just a state of mind. It isn’t something that we simply acquire, it’s not tangible. Once we recognize how fortunate we are, acknowledge the things we have, then contentment will follow.


Music, Video and Vocals by Chun To Yeung.
Lyrics by Tammi Ng.
Original performance by DEAN.
But the version I fell in love with G-IDLE Minnie’s version of this song in the K-Pop Survival Show ‘Queendom’. It is my greatest honour to have the following people be involved in this music video as well:
Annabelle Lyn Leung, Avery Choi, Charlie Tang, Jammy Cheng, Josphine Yu, Kalin Lam, Kelly Lai, Laurs Oakley, Natalie Li, Merry Ho, Perrin Pang, Rachel Yu, Ryan Lee, Shania Montevalde, Suki Tsoi, Vennesa Ng


Arrangement, Mixing and Vocals by Chun To Yeung.
Original by Thomas Headon and Lizzy McAlpine.


Arrangement, Mixing and Vocals by Chun To Yeung.
Original by Stephy Tang.